95mm 20g Vibes

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Hooked Apparel 95mm 20g Vibes

Buy 10x for $90 ($10 off total order)

Unleash our 95mm 20g Soft Plastic Lures by Hooked Apparel!

Designed and built with incredible reliability, these lures are crafted to conquer the toughest battles. Made from advanced TPE 10x super stretch plastic and featuring a flexible premium internal wire, our lures are tough as nails, ensuring they won't let you down even when battling those trophy-sized fish.

It's the small things that set us apart!

Rigged straight out of the box and equipped with the renowned VMC 6X strong hooks and heavy-duty split rings, these lures provide superior hooking power and increase your hook-up rate, ensuring you don't miss a single catch.
With their mesmerizing shimmer, our lures perfectly mimic baitfish, attracting a wide range of predator species such as barra, jack, fingermark, bream, salmon etc... The lifelike appearance and realistic movement make them irresistible to even the most cautious fish. 

- 10x Stretch TPE Plastic
- 3D glitter and red attractant eyes
- Extra HD split rings and VMC 6x Trebles
- Internal premium Japanese internal wire
- Perfect tail action

Whether you're exploring the inshore reefs, snags, coastal estuaries, or even freshwater dams these vibes are up to the task. Rest assured - our lures have undergone rigorous testing to deliver exceptional performance and proven results.
Upgrade your fishing game with Hooked Apparel's Vibe Soft Plastic Lures, priced at just $10.00

Experience the power, reliability, and versatility that sets our lures apart. Don't settle for less.

Also available in 115mm 44g
Designed for Aussies, by Aussies.