Hooked Apparel was dreamt of and born from our passion and love for the outdoors, fishing and camping

Our aim is to provide you, our customers with excellent quality products at competitive prices. Driven from two brothers who love nothing more than fishing and the outdoor lifestyle.

If there is something that you think... "hey, it'd be awesome if it we had XYZ"... we want to know!




"Growing up in the Northern Territory and Far North Queensland, has given me the gift of camping and fishing the wild outdoors of our beautiful country.

It's so important to me that we take hold of our own industry and not be mislead and abused by the big corporations that just want a $ for a mediocre product, that is the same of every other product before it.

I believe we can do better, and that's why I entered into this joint-venture to be part of a business in a field that I am so passionate and care about, and be proud of.

We are forever-looking for good local partners who are equally invested and desire to grow our own, and push for better quality, and innovative products in this amazing industry."

- Ryan